The Best Things to do in L’escala, Spain

Out of all the places I’ve traveled, L’escala is by far my favorite! This small fishing village is the perfect place to relax by the beach, take some amazing hikes, and of course, enjoy the amazing food! L’escala has easy access by fast train from Barcelona in less than an hour, and is about a two hour drive. This makes it perfect for a weekend getaway from the big city! Trust me, L’escala is worth a look!

Playa Montgo, L’escala, Spain

Okay, let’s start with the best part of L’escala…the beaches! My favorite, Playa Montgo, is pictured above and is home to many fun activities like pedal boats and kayaking, and is surround by amazing restaurants! My favorite place to eat after a day of swimming is a restaurant called La Garota. My advice, get the pasta!

Another amazing beach is, Riells beach. Riells is located next to a promenade offering ice cream, clothing stores, amazing restaurants, a fun fair, and more! If you’re lucky you may even get to see the incredible sand sculptures made by locals! During the summer, you can challenge yourself to swim out to the diving board and see how big of a splash you can make! One bucket list item at Riells beach is a restaurant… The restaurant is shaped out of blue glass panels into a dome. Riells is also home to fun beach discos at night!

My other favorite is thePort d’en Perris beach located in the centre of old town L’escala! Due to it being made of pebbles as opposed to sand, it may not be the beach for everyone. However the stunning view is definitely worth the trip! Not to mention the cute shops in the surrounding areas and the calm cafes and extremely walk-able streets.

Riells Beach and Promenade

In terms of things to do besides the beach, you can stroll around the old town, check out the ancient roman ruins, explore the charming mini-village of San Martí or take a lower hike along the seaside cliffs!

View from my favorite walk along the cliffs!

One must see location in L’escala is the ancient roman ruins called Empuries. It is the ruins of an actual town and is currently still being excavated. At Empuries you can also go to the museum which displays artifacts pieces of art, tools, statues, and lays out the history of the town. You can also walk down to the beach and the mighty wall built by the Romans still standing.

After your wander around Empuries, keep walking down the path to the charming neighbor hood of San Martí. San Marti is home to my favorite restaurant in all of L’escala: L’escalapi. After eating taking a walk around the old buildings and adimring the old church is the perfect way to end the day!

IMG_7225 (1)
Anciet stone wall on the beach at Empuries

 If you find yourself wandering the Costa Brava, L’Escala is a must!

Happy Travels!

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